Basic Guidelines On Establishing Details For Lucky Number

ตํารา โหราศาสตร์ ยู เร เนียน

New Guidelines For Root Elements For


Saturn and Uranus innovatively combine and remind you of the power of communication. A third party whose emotions are not involved with your story will help you and another objectify the best way forward. Change is coming, so might as well join forces with it! One shift in your vantage point could alter how you see everything. It is always so much easier to see something clearly when emotions are not part of the picture. This week some old stuff could surface in you that triggers old traumas, so it will be important to first understand why it is coming up again. Be sure to also create enough space to integrate the emotions in a healthy way versus reacting to what is creating so much heat. Projections peak this week with Mars in Aquarius forming a T-square with Venus and Uranus, suggesting a talk you have with someone could come straight out of left field and have you feeling anxious as a result. It may be too that you experience a fear of the unknown and that alone is making you feel uneasy.

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